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La Fondazione Anna Querci

per il design

The AQ Foundation for Design, founded by Anna Querci in 2004 is a non-profit cultural organization, it aims to spread the culture of design thanks to the belief that design plays a fundamental role in building our future. As specified in the Statute, this is an organization that aims to foster, promote, disseminate and enhance the knowledge and culture of "design" with particular attention to the industrial one after 1960. design. To implement these purposes, the Foundation, in collaboration with the degree courses in Design of the University of Florence and with the Municipality of Calenzano, established the Design Museum in 2005 to offer students, scholars and visitors a place to experiment and deepen the culture of Italian industrial design. Through it periodically proposes thematic exhibitions, conferences and international contests to research and promote ideas, new talents and innovative products in the various fields of product design.



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